Top 4 best apps of the Apple

Apple recently announced the iPad and iPhone applications to be selected as the best of the year.
Application for iPhone in Action Movie FX is given. This is a video editing app helps increase the impression of your video with special effects. Second on the Figure – an application that helps you produce the melody.
Rayman Jungle Run dedicated iPhone game of the year honors while Letterpress, vocabulary quiz game on Monday.
With iPad, honors the year’s best apps in the hands of watercolor painting app Paper by 53. The game, the highest award of the puzzle game The Room.
Reviewed the features of the app it this award:

1. Action Movie FX
Action Movie FX app was released for free. With this software, users can create a virtual world based on the burning truth surrounding space, through the camera of the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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2. Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman Jungke Run was developed by renowned game company Ubisoft. The mission of the game is quite simple: the player must guide Rayman guy running across the forest to collect insects. By the end of the game screen, you should note that the steps are to Rayman not fall into the abyss or entangled in the dangerous pitfalls.

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3. Paper by 53
When you first open the application, the application will display the list of topics that you chose. When you click on this subject, the painting will be displayed in the book, you can turn the page to see image detail. Each painting is one page, the page is the same in a book is placed on the theme. Each book theme personalize a position to choose to monitor a most convenient way.

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4. The room
Players The Room have suggested is based on the items in the room to solve puzzles. In addition to these puzzles, The Room also makes players feel thrilled by the game graphics have dark and light as in the horror film. The Room with the sound system is true, word collision of furniture, bell clock until late at night noise outside the room.

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