Apple released iOS 8.1.2, fixes the ringtone

The phenomenon purchase ringtones from iTunes automatically deleted from your iOS device will be fixed in an update of Apple’s new operating system.
Less than one month after the launch of iOS 8.1.1, Apple released the 8.1.2 update for users of iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This update is only about 30 MB capacity and focuses on solving problems occur ringtones on some devices over time.


An update of iOS 8.0.1 with a capacity of 30 MB.
According to GSM Arena, previously encountered a case of devices automatically delete ringtones that users purchase and download from the iTunes App Store, can not be used. However, iOS 8.1.2 update will fix this. 8 In addition to updating iOS, Apple also launched a special website to help users to recover lost ringtones back their iOS devices.
iOS 8 is the latest operating system for Apple‘s portable devices. The official launch in late September but many complain stick from the user, such as making the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus iphone 8.0.1 take on waves, or reduced performance of older equipment and problems have security vulnerabilities Touch ID before the 8.1 upgrade
For the latest iOS update, users can upgrade directly on the device via WiFi connection or use iTunes on your computer.

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