The update ‘big’ iOS 8.2 or what?

In the update big’ iOS 8.2, Apple will give us certain features?
In addition to supporting smart watches Watch Apple, Apple also will pay more attention to tracking the health of consumers through applications on iOS 8.2 Health.

ios 8.2 1
More specifically, some of the features that it has removed the previous series such as monitoring blood sugar has been brought back on updates big’ iOS 8.2, along with the unit of measure mg / dL and mmol / L. In addition, Health applications are complemented some useful function allows users to keep track of the different data points. All are displayed in an intuitive way, through each section in detail.

ios 8.2 2
Overall, worth the most anticipated features in this update are the settings for users in collaboration with Apple Watch, smart watches are welcome party waiting. Watch Apple is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year, ie not too much longer for users to be able to experience this new platform.

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