20 best apps for iPhone, iPad in 2014

As usual, at each end of the year Apple announced a series of best apps on the iPhone and iPad.

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Below is a list of the best apps on the Apple iPhone is selected include utility applications with spectacular graphics, including the free apps and paid.

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1. Waterlogue
The application allows you to edit photos into art watercolor version, there are 14 different styles. You can adjust the humidity of color images, lines and color pens.
Price: $ 2.99

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2. NYT Now
With stories are carefully selected from the editor of The New York Times, NYT Now will tell you “what you need to start a new day“, resulting from the newspaper and the website other.
Free apps

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3. Health Mate
Health Mate iPhone uses sensors to monitor daily activities and your heart rate. Application design is easy to use, it works with all other medical applications of Apple (Apple Health). Users can use the basic step count, the ability to set goals and a tool used to measure heart rate using the iPhone camera.
Free apps

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4. Elevate
Elevate your help improve memory, concentration and speaking skills. It includes 25 mini-games, with questions to help users build reading comprehension, memory training, writing, computation, the ability to concentrate and speaking skills.
Free apps

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5. Steller
Steller help you create your own story with video, images and text. Application flexibility is designed to help you build and share their stories.
Free apps

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6. Star Walk 2
Star Walk 2 is beautifully designed, blending fact with advanced technology and the astronomical data. To discover, the just held the phone up to the sky and Star Walk 2 will do the rest.
Price $ 2.99

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7. Yummly
Yummly like a library, providing recipes including websites and blogs Yummly confidently declare that they give you access to every recipe in the world“.
Free apps

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8. 1Password
1Password safely stored logins and passwords for email, credit card and your favorite sites. Using the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone to get login and password.
Free apps

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9. BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed has all infotainment: all the news you want to know, search trends, many people view articles. Helping you do not become outdated in the context of information saturation current.
Free apps

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10. Hyperlapse
Hyperlapse support users perform fast forward video time (timelapse) high quality from your mobile device. Timelapse technique used in slow motion speed, need more time, as the user can record sunrise, clouds, flowers bloom then use the app to Hyperlapse fast forward this scene as if the process takes just a few seconds. Highlights of Hyperlapse is image stabilization technology (vibration), shaky footage will help immediately becomes smoother.
Free apps

11. Yahoo News Digest

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11. Yahoo News Digest
Yahoo News Digest is a summary of the news programs of Yahoo. Unlike other news apps, Yahoo News Digest reported that only 2 1st day: morning and afternoon. A special feature of this program is that all the information posted is formed by the Atoms – Atoms here is known as a section summarizes the main ideas, quotations, photographs, maps, charts .. … and this Atoms are Yahoo news Digest compiled from many different sources.
Free apps

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12. Camu
Photography is a great app can replace basic photography app on iPhone. Unlike other photography apps, Camu provides users with color filters with high-resolution images to help become more clear and vivid.
Free apps

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13. Human
Human health is an application, the software is activated, it will follow up and ask you to move at least 30 minutes each day include: walking, running, dancing or cycling, then Human appears marketing calories burned when finished.
Free apps

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14. Storehouse
Storehouse like a social network like Instagram photos but it differs in that we can tell a story with pictures sorted flexible and format them into the layout to highlight your story. In addition, the Storehouse message board is a great place for you to discover the story of the image talented photographer.
Free apps

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15. Spring
Spring is applied shopping channel activity through Apple Pay, by choosing products and brands, Spring will customize what you see when you shop. New products are updated every day, in addition to products sold exclusively only on Spring. Work with Apple to Pay payments easier by fingerprints.
Free apps

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16. Uber
Uber service is active on your phone as applications, helping to connect people to move and driver. This service is priced up to $ 17 billion and has appeared in 130 cities worldwide. Payment by credit card or through Pay Apple.
Free apps

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17. TV Network
Applied research is designed on the basis of what regular users see, Network TV helps users easily discover and share.
Free apps

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18. 120 Sports
120 Sports is a great place to watch the hottest sports news and commentary from experts in the field of sports. More than 10 hours of broadcasting per day and over again you do not have to pay any fee for this application.
Free apps

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19. SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey Keyboard is a keyboard with smart features such as learning, predictive, SwiftKey will give you a sense of comfort with speed and precision capabilities as well as text editing and composing messages chat with friends
Free apps

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20. Paper
Paper is a news reader application of Facebook, with nice interface everything transparent and simple. Paper lets users customize their home page, in addition to the topics that we read such news about technology, travel, life, All operations of Paper covers only soaring, pull and drop user friendly.
Free apps
In addition to the application on 3 Photography app is that Apple chose: Litely, Camera + and Cinamatic.

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