Apple changes name of ‘Free’ button on App Store to ‘Get’



With all of the criticism over freemium apps, Apple made a slight change to the App Store on Wednesday. Gone are the “Free” buttons for downloading apps, replaced by a “Get” button. The guys in Cupertino might have felt some pressure from consumers and regulators, upset with the use of in-app purchases. When it comes to apps, the saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch is absolutely appropriate.

Back in July, Google made a deal with the European Commission to stop calling apps “free” if they offered in-app purchases. That came months after both Apple and Google met with EC commissioners. The latter were trying to get Apple and Google to halt misleading freemium app sales. The EC subsequently tried to get

Apple to match Google’s actions, but Apple said at the time that it had enough safeguards in place to protect consumers.

One of those safeguards, which is shared by Google, is a listing of which apps offer in-app purchases. Those that do offer in-app purchases on both the App Store and Google Play Store, show a ‘menu’ of in-app purchases available to those who install the app for free.

Apple makes a small change to the App Store

1. The Free button has been replaced with a Get button

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2. A menu of in-app purchases are listed for each freemium app

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