MacBook Air 12-inch ultra-thin can launch early next year

This laptop is said to be even thinner than the MacBook Air today and will appear in the first quarter / 2015.
According to DigiTimes page (Taiwan), Apple will launch the laptop size 12 inch frame design with new styles to reduce thinness and weight machines. Products will use Intel chips Broadwell.

macbook-air dự kiếnMacBook Air will be adding a new screen size.

If true, this would be the first Apple device can produce a 12-inch screen. Currently users can buy MacBook Air 11 inch or 13 inch.
However, this information still needs to be verified as previously, DigiTimes also posting Apple MacBook 12-inch will be announced in the third quarter / 2014 but this did not happen.
Apple is also expected developing a tablet with the same size, called the iPad or iPad Pro Plus.

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