Apple says that these were the most popular iOS apps of 2014

top appApple has revealed the top free and paid iOS apps of 2014. On top of the paid apps list is Heads Up! This is the game where you hold your phone on the top of your head so that your teammate can feed you clues as you try to guess what celebrity, movie, television show, character or animal is listed on your screen. The game is 99 cents with a number of categories offered as in-app purchases for an additional 99 cents each.

Minecraft-Pocket Edition is next, followed by photo editor Afterlight. Fourth place goes to video game Plague. Smart alarm Sleep Cycle alarm clock rounds our the top five paid apps. This app tracks your sleeping patterns and awakens you during the lightest sleep phase of your cycle, allowing you to wake fully refreshed.

The top five free iOS apps were all social networks. On top is Facebook Messenger with self-destructing messaging app Snapchat right behind. Streaming video site YouTube takes third, followed by Facebook and picture/video sharing site Instagram. Ironically, free apps took four of the top five positions for the highest grossing apps. That is because those four used the freemium pricing structure. While the apps were free to download and install, they offered in-app purchases that were necessary for the fullest enjoyment of these titles. The top five grossing apps were led by Clash of Clans, followed by Candy Crush Saga, Game of War-Fire, Pandora and Big Fish Casino. All but streaming radio site Pandora, are games.

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